Risqué Business at NYFW FW12

With New York fashion week in full swing, Emilio Cavallini decided to present his Fall 2012 leg ware in a more explicit and cinematic setting. In his presentation Monday afternoon at Lincoln Center, models walked out on a small stage in front of a 21-foot screen, mainly in their undergarments. They then sat down and began to dress themselves in several different bold-printed tights. Their outfits were completed when they catwalked over to be dressed by a stylist. All the fabrics were stretchy, comfortable yet form-fitting. Before the models came back out to show off their wardrobe change, a short filmed was played of a woman trying on different forms of Cavallini hosiery.

The title of the line, “Risqué Business,” was completely appropriate due to the sensual mood portrayed. The inspiration of the season was “1950’s pinup model, Betty Page,” Cavallini said backstage. It was all about sexual expression and being the center of a man’s attention. Prints ranged from fishnets to animal instincts and hounds tooth perfect for women who “dare to be noticed.” It was such a refreshing unique presentation, putting the audience at ease with champagne and a flawless sexy performance.

Photo c/o IB Times


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