2016 Fashion Resolutions With ‘CT Style’ WTNH

1. Be selective this year – especially with fast fashion. For those of you that do not know what “fast fashion” is, it’s the very affordable trendy stores that will take a runway look and recreate it with less expensive materials. Fast fashion is great if you are looking to wear a quick turnover trend, but the quality of the item matters. It’s not worth it to purchase something that will only last one or two washes. Stay away from acrylics and polyester blends.

Quality of your closet is far more important than quantity.

  • Feel the fabric, look closely at the stitching and read what the piece is made out of. Cotton, wool, cashmere and linen are good quality fabrics.
  • While being selective, make it a rule for yourself to always TRY IT ON.
  • Spend the extra 10 minutes in the fitting room before you spend the money, take it home, hate it and have to return it.
  •  If it doesn’t fit right, don’t buy it. An item can look entirely different on and off the hanger

A shopping rule to live by this year: if you won’t wear it that day or night, don’t buy it! Live in the present!

2. Declutter and reassess your closet!

  • This is my favorite resolution! This year, I’m trying the backwards hanger trick:  Turn all of your hangers backwards in your closet (so the hook is facing you). Go about your days and weeks wearing the clothes you choose. After wearing and washing, hang your clothes normally. Whatever is still hanging backwards at the end of the season has not been worn. TOSS IT! (Well… sell it on Poshmark or consign it.. “toss it” just sounds much more cut throat in this process).
  • Another good tip for decluttering your closet is to set limits.
  • Have a fixed number of the same type of hangers in your closet. This forces you to get rid of one piece every time you buy something new. My fixed number is 30, and my hanger of choice is the black felt hangers with the swivel top.
  • From personal experience, I know that decluttering your closet is MUCH easier said than done. It takes time. Use these tricks over the course of the year and you’ll get there, but you MUST have the mentality to declutter.

3. Collect great basics and choose trends wisely.

  • Basics are everyday versatile pieces.
  • Many fashion editors like to live by the rule of three. If you can wear a piece three different ways or more, it’s definitely worth keeping and calling a basic.
  • Basics are your investment pieces and vary with different styles.
  • Even though basics are the most important part of your closet, we all want to have fun with fashion and follow the trends.
  • I’ve come up with a list of the best, most versatile trends of 2016 to help you get started and stay on top of the trends, without splurging on fast fashion.

The best trends are pieces you can mix, match and layer with your basics…see below.

4. Define your style this year! 

  • Use these tips and tricks to upgrade your closet and stay organized, but pay attention to what catches your eye.
  • My style is constantly evolving. I snap pictures of everything I’m attracted to, from an amazing pair of boots to a beautiful rose garden. This helps me focus in on what I like to easier define my style.
  • Remember that your style goes beyond just clothes, it’s a collection of what makes you YOU! If your closet truly reflects who you are, it will be a much happier place.
  • Create a wardrobe you love and are familiar with.

Make everything in your closet something you like and something you WANT to wear TODAY.

Getting dressed in the morning sets your entire day. Your wardrobe should empower you!


Happy New Year! 

xoxo #StyleByV